The Wisconsin Churchmen Resolutions site has been set up as a neutral site not associated with any organization or church or denomination. All church officers – pastors, elders, etc. – who sign onto a resolution simply agree with what the resolution states.

It has long been the history of Christianity for pastors to speak to the issues and incidents of the day. As historian Will Durant wrote in his work The Reformation, 

"In Protestantism the preachers became journals of news and opinion; they told their congregation the events of the week or day; and religion was then so interwoven with life that nearly every occurrence touched the faith or its ministers. They denounced the vices and errors of their parishioners, and instructed the government as to its duties and faults.”

In a nation that is lost and in rebellion to the Lord, churchmen speaking to the issues and incidents of the day is extremely important. God’s Word speaks to all matters of life and the people and magistrates of our nation need to hear from the churchmen regarding God’s Word and ways.

Today, we find ourselves in a nation that is filled with lost people who live in rebellion to the Lord. As churchmen, we believe that God’s Word speaks to all matters of life. We also believe it is our calling and duty to speak His Word to our own congregations, but also to the citizens and the magistrates of our nation. They need to hear God’s position. They need us to confront evil ideologies, to resist and rebuke tyranny, and work to topple the idols of our culture and nation.

The resolutions not only give churchmen a voice in the state of Wisconsin, but they also provide all Wisconsin Christians an opportunity to take a particular resolution, learn from it, hold representatives accountable to it, and then finally, ask their church leaders if they will sign onto the resolutions. We strongly encourage Christians to take these resolutions and make them known to their pastors and to others.


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“The field of Christianity is the world. The Christian cannot be satisfied so long as any human activity is either opposed to Christianity or out of all connection with Christianity. Christianity must pervade not merely all nations, but also all of human thought. The Christian cannot therefore be indifferent to any branch of earnest human endeavor. The Church must seek to conquer not merely every man for Christ, but also the whole of man.”

–J. Gresham Machen, “Christianity and Culture”


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